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Services and Programs

Education - ASI is prepared to teach a diverse curriculum including topics such as pre- and post-natal care for mothers, infant child car safety, childcare expectations in the United States, obesity, nutrition, diabetes, oral health and hygiene and smoking cessation. ASI also has two teachers trained to teach Stanford's "Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions" program.

Outreach - Outreach -- contacting and helping underserved Asian groups -- is vital to ASI's mission.

Health Fairs - ASI often collaborates with health care providers to present health fairs to the community.

Youth College Coaching Programs - ASI's Youth College Coaching Programs have helped students in grade school prepare for college.

Advocacy - ASI advocates on behalf of the underserved Asian populations the organization serves. Grassroots efforts have included collecting canned foods and warm clothing for refugees.

Referrals - Whether it is one person in need or a large group of individuals, ASI is prepared to make referrals within its network of ethnic organizations and health care providers.

Interpretation Services - Contact ASI for interpretation services in various Asian languages and dialects.

Volunteer Opportunities - ASI has many opportunities for individuals and organizations to volunteer throughout the year. From our board members to the volunteers who advocate for ASI at health fairs, every volunteer is important to our organization.

Culture Competency Training - ASI is prepared to present cultural competency training (can be tailored to the Asian populations) to help health care providers better serve their clients.