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To Serve All Asians in Need

Asian Services of Indiana (ASI) was incorporated in October 2004 by a group of individuals who saw an unmet need in Indianapolis and Central Indiana and had the passion to serve the underserved. The Asian American population in Indiana has boomed over the past decade. While these newcomers include highly skilled and educated people, there are those in this community who face socioeconomic and cultural challenges that make it very difficult for them to get established in America. ASI seeks to meet the needs of this underserved population.

ASI's purposes are, in cooperation with other organizations dedicated to the benefit of the public, to enhance the quality of life for Asian Americans by:

Assisting Asians and Asian Americans in living in American and Indiana society
Strengthening support systems for Asians and Asian Americans through partnerships, advocacy and service
Improving health care for the Asian and Asian American community in Indiana

To accomplish this mission, ASI is also a resource for cultural competency training, provides education pertaining to health and the American culture and plans to establish a Community Translator Network for the non-Asian community.